Our network

Our Network is made up of entrepreneurs and professionals who believe in our mission of helping women to thrive while driving forward equality. Become part of our community and get the chance to experience highly educational events while growing your network.

Community Membership
CHF250/ Year
  • CHF 5.- off of each daypass

  • Access to member only events

  • Access to our members online community

  • Member prices to all our events

  • 20% discount on Meeting Room Rentals

*this membership applies to individuals, not companies

WeSpace is a co-working space and community inspired by women for everyone. 


We give our community the support and tools they need in order for them to succeed as entrepreneurs or professionals.


We provide a space to help women balance family and work life and host events to further educate themselves. We provide the necessary mental and physical support, inspiration and network they need to thrive faster and better

Our mission is...

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WeSpace GmbH


076 256 68 04

Bahnhofstrasse 62

8001 Zürich 


Opening hours 

Space Opening Hours:

Mo - Fr   8.30 - 18.00

Hosted Space Hours:

Mo - Fr   9.00 - 17.00