Coding is only for geeks? Exploring Python at WeSpace

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Coding camp sounds like a group of sweaty teenage boys sitting in a dark room staring at screens while sipping sugary drinks or beer to you? Think twice - the Data Science & Technology Club’s Women’s Chapter hosted a Python Coding Camp at WeSpace this August. It showed that coding doesn’t need to be the sort of cliché scenario as just described. Rather, a dozen of talented young women and a handful of men were selected from a group of applicants at the University of St. Gallen to join this camp and have fun getting to know Python in a diverse setting.

The aim: explore how coding with Python works and learn how business use it in daily practice. The participants had the chance to get to know Python by a range of practitioners and experts in the field (ABB, Boston Consulting Group, DataCareer, SAP, SwissRe). After three days of intense work-load, a sunny and mild Zurich summer night invited for informal drinks nearby. The camp turned out to be women-centric and inclusive at the same time: we will be off to new shores at WeSpace next summer!

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