Introduction To Fundraising 4 Women, A Crowdfunding Ecosystem Focusing on Women

Dear Female Entrepreneurs and Executives

It is not a debatable fact that the acquisition of venture capital is one of the biggest challenges that female entrepreneurs face in today's world. The facts are:

Female Founders Got 2% of Venture Capital in 2017 ( research By VALENTINA ZARYA. Published on January 31, 2018 for Fortune Magazine).

98 Percent of Venture Capital funding Goes to Men ( research by Hayden Field. Published on June 29, 2018 for Entrepreneur Magazine).

The lack of access to adequate funding has limited the potentials of many ambitious and smart women who have the capacity to achieve much and make a name for female entrepreneurs in the industry. I say this confidently based on my own personal experience.

The scope of this problem cannot be understated. Now as an entrepreneur who believes in finding solutions to problems, this is a problem my team and I would like to solve. We want to provide for women a platform to easily access financial support by introducing FUNDRAISING 4 WOMEN

Switzerland’s first Crowdfunding Platform that doubles as an Ecosystem for Early-Stage Innovative Female-led Businesses & Ambitious Career Women. It's main aim is to help women acquire funds to start or upgrade their businesses.


✔ To give ambitious business women and executives exposure.

✔ To encourage women to take chances in pushing innovative ideas and pursuing further education.

✔ We want to bring diversity and equal opportunities for women.

✔ To support women's economic and professional development.

✔ We want to support women by providing funds to launch, upscale their businesses, or further their education.


We are set to officially launch in September and at the moment we are allowing women who would like to raise money to already create accounts and start preparing their projects.

If you are a Lady-Preneur who wants to create a digital product or who has a novel idea that can bring change to the world, or if you would like to upgrade your business do not let the lack of venture capital stand in your way, start now by creating your project at

My team and i are working hard to make sure everything will be ready in September

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me. I am available at any time. My phone number is +41797878213.

Thank you Ladies,

And welcome to something great, where we tackle one problem at a time!



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