Do you believe this?

Have you heard this kind of professional advice?

“Just do what you are good at, don’t waste time on what you are not.”

It sounds all right.

Then I started to face some challenges which I couldn’t do just that.

I was so shy, or now we have a more fence word - introverted; I couldn’t interact with anyone except my family members. My mom told me that since I could walk, whenever the neighbors who lived next door for years came to visit, I’d run to my room and lock myself in.

It came to the point that my mom had to send me to see doctors and tried to figure what’s wrong with me.

So you can imagine my mother’s face when I told her I was speaking on the TEDx stage in December 2019!

It goes to the same situation for my English accent. -It took two well-known influencers; one is a journalist, one is a high-performance coach for elite leaders told me: “Kelly, forget about doing business in English, not to write books in English, not to host a podcast in English. Come on; you are a big girl, you can face this reality, right?”

Then I mailed my Amazon best-seller to the journalist for his Christmas gift, and invited the coach to come on my podcast as a guest—so we can catch up to talk about my business is still over 90% in English-speaking countries since 2004.

If I had listened to THAT advice, not God’s assignment to me, the ripple effect of impacts through my book, podcast, and speaking would not exist.

Please don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t that foolish to sit there and not worked hard for it.

I put myself to harsh media training, stage presence training, practiced my scripts until my dog is sick of it - well, because my children couldn’t bear listening to the same message anymore.

You might ask: Why?

The answer is easy: As God says so!

  • I didn’t want to write a book; He said I should.

  • I didn’t want to host a podcast in English; He sent Influencers to my hotel room to get it done while I was attending a conference.

  • I didn’t want to speak on stage; He kept opening doors.

He knows when He asks, I then will go my ways to sharpen the skills required to accomplish the mission.

AND He provides the means and resources. Always!

If we all just do what we are good at, not challenging ourselves to do what’s not comfortable, the things we are not masterful yet - -how will we grow?

Please comment below to share with me WHAT’s that ONE skill you know from your heart you need to learn and get good at it so that you can grow to the next level? And what has held you back to do so? It's TIME for you to take action to SHINE!

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