Rethinking Periods

It has been 5 months now since I've started working for Mondays, a young innovative Swiss Femtech (yes, Femtech, not Fintech) startup with the mission of making plastic-free period products easily accessible.

The idea came to life two years ago when one of the founders, Nancy, was frustrated with how time-consuming it was to buy plastic-free period products, (and regularly being caught short!). She decided to dive into the world of periods and discover what the options were on the market to make her periods more convenient.

After a year spent deep in the topic of all things menstruation-related, she concluded that there was a gap in the market and invited Elisabeth to embark on the Mondays Mission with her.

Numerous surveys, vast amounts of research and loads of elevator pitches later and networking like crazy (as well as everything else entailed in the creation of a company), together they launched Mondays on 17.6.2019!

I was lucky to join them shortly before launch. Since then, my knowledge in all topics related to periods, the menstrual cycle and the female body has immensely grown.

Daily I am being faced with many questions, such as the ones below, that before knowing Mondays I was never really confronted with:

- Do you know what the conventional/traditional period products consist of?

- Do you know the difference between vagina and vulva?

- Did you know that the vagina is one of the most absorbent organs in a woman's body?

- Did you know that a majority of women still flush their period products, causing immense harm to the environment?

- Did you know that periods as we know it (the bleeding itself) is only one of the fours phases of the menstrual cycle?

- Did you know that women use an average of 11'000 period products in their lifetime?

- Did you know that it takes more than 450 years for plastic to decompose?

...(and the list goes on)

These are critical topics that all women should consider. The importance of better period products comes from a health AND an environmental perspective - making it relevant to everyone (even men).

Mondays' products are 100% plastic-free, chemical-free, with no bleach and made of organic cotton. We are entirely transparent about our products. You can choose to subscribe and have your personalised box delivered to you monthly, or you can buy our pre-made one-off Kits instead.

Furthermore, one of our core beliefs is that employers should provide women with period products in the workplace. It is, after all, an essential product, just like toilet paper! WeSpace, having a majority of women as members, has also identified the need to offer period products in their space. We are proud to say we have partnered up and you will find the Mondays products at the toilet area in case of emergencies ;)

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We're COMMITTED to the future of our planet

As a member of 1% for the Planet, 1% of Mondays' turnover goes to environmental and social causes. We are part of this global movement which tackles the environmental problems we face, with the hope to create a healthier economy and planet for all. As a Mondays' customer, you too are a part of this community, supporting nonprofits in these much needed areas.

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