Second episode: Career planning and entrepreneurship

Life Stories, the name given by Swiss Life to their blog, launched a new format of video-interview series and featured our WeSpace founders for their first episodes. The video-interviews will be released as a series of three video clips. Check the second video here.

After asking our founders about their childhood and their personal lives in the first video, this second episode is focused on career development and their experience as entrepreneurs. Questions around financial stability, the reaction of people when they decided to become entrepreneurs and how they define success, guided the interview. For both the experience as entrepreneurs, as for most entrepreneurs, has been a rollercoaster in which persistence is a mayor aspect for their success. Estefania and Laura agree that it has been extremely important how well they work together and how they complement each other.

Second fun fact (see first in previous post): our founders were actually quite busy the day of the recording and most of the video clips showing them working were actually true and not for the sake of the video. In some few moments they were posing and they couldn't stop laughing about it.

We hope you enjoy the videos as we did the recording :)

To read more about Swiss Life blog - Life Stories, you can follow this link:

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