"the mint revolution" by WeSpace

On June 14, 2019, thousands of women are expected to participate in the women's strike. The goal is the same as it was at the first strike in 1991: make visible the difference in treatment of women in politics, economics, science and society and set a signal against it.

To support this movement, WeSpace is launching "the mint revolution" #frauenstreik2019

What is "the mint revolution"? A campaign aimed to disrupt conventional stereotypes about women. The phrase "Feminin heisst nicht Pink" (Feminine doesn't mean pink) was born during our first interview with NZZ back in October and was used to share our vision with a symbolic message: women are a diverse gender group with many different skills, talents, and ambitions and shouldn't be put in a "pink" box. 

The campaign started as a social media initiative and will follow with the WeSpace team and members participating in the women strike. After the manifestation on June 14th, WeSpace will organize an event to keep the momentum and enforce "the mint revolution". For more information about the event, check updates during the coming weeks on our website: https://www.wearewespace.com/our-events

If you want to be part of this revolution, have ideas we can incorporate or be updated on the latest news, please feel free to contact our team sending an email to hello@wespace.ch or register to our newsletter on our homepage: www.wearewespace.com.

For now, we share our vision with you... more to come in the next weeks ;)




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