WeSpace founders interviewed for Swiss Life blog

Life Stories, the name given by Swiss Life to their blog, launched yesterday a new format of video-interview series and featured our WeSpace founders for their first episode. The video-interviews will be released as a series of three video clips. Check the first video here.

The aim of this series was to feature our WeSpace founders, their personal drive, their background and, of course, the vision behind WeSpace.

The first episode released yesterday guide us around our founders' personal lives and backgrounds. Estefania and Laura answered questions about the role that their families play for their careers, what marked their professional journeys and choices, and their thoughts about work-life balance.

While they answered these questions, you can see some old family photographs. A fun fact about the recording of the videos is that, believe it or not, they were quite nervous at the beginning and had to ask several times when the recording was starting. The producers of the video decided to keep this "behind the scenes" footage to start all three videos as a fun opening.

We hope you enjoy the videos as we did the recordings :)

To read more about Swiss Life blog - Life Stories, you can follow this link: https://www.swisslife.ch/de/lifestories/blog.html/

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