Why eco-friendly fabrics matter - Interview with Hannah, founder of Beaumont Organic

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Beaumont Organic was launched in 2008 by Hannah Beaumont-Laurencia in Manchester who was at that time a big shopper and owned numerous cotton tee’s. After doing some research, she realised the damage to the environment the growing of cotton was causing. Her research lead her to find there were very few luxury organic cotton brands available and hence why she launched the collection initially with 8 beautiful t-shirts which is now an international ethical ladieswear brand that combines signature styling with contemporary classics.

What makes her brand unique are the environmentally friendly fabrics, made under approved social levels certified by GOTS.  Social levels are also carefully vetted at the factories which are based in Portugal and the UK and governed under strict regulations. All of them use AZO free dyes as standard and where possible, dying is being minimised by using marl fabrics.

What inspired you to set up Beaumont Organic? A realisation of the ramifications of fast fashion, which lead to a desire to make beautiful clothes that not only felt and looked great but were also benefiting the farmers, factory workers and importantly the environment.

What can people look forward to in the store? A fresh, minimal shopping experience. The store will be an edit of beautiful clothing and home/lifestyle pieces from Beaumont Organic and artisans. All ethically sources and all with a fully traceable footprint.

What does it mean to you to have the store located in Manchester?  It just feels right. Manchester is my home - I am a born and raised Mancunian and love the city. I can cycle with my family to the store and that makes me so happy - I just know it’s the right location. The city is growing so fast with amazing new destinations popping up each week - I feel privileged to be on this journey in Manchester.

Why should people consider organic clothing?  Here are a few of the facts: Once you start looking into them it is truly obvious that it should be the only choice. We must be more mindful about our buying habits and this is one way we can start to make a change.

Do you have a favourite piece from the collection? Yes - the MAYA jumpsuit - I love jumpsuits.

What has been the most challenging thing in setting up an ethical clothing business? Raising awareness was hugely challenging back in 2008 - now with the help of the media I am happy to say awareness is slowly growing.

And the most rewarding? Seeing customers wearing Beaumont Organic and writing amazing reviews is so rewarding.

Why would you encourage people to stop and think about where their clothes come from?  This is our beautiful world and we need to protect it. If fast fashion was fast food the only way I can describe it is this; you don’t eat fast food thinking it’s good for you – so why would you buy clothing for the same price and think it’s ok?! The clothing supply chain is fraught with unethical and hugely damaging ramifications to our world and we have to start listening and taking action. Whether it be the making of the yarns and toxic water waste, to the working conditions and pay of the staff, to these very same clothes that have already cost our world ending quickly into the land fill…… I could do on.

Tell us a little about your work overseas. I have had the privilege of working for many years with wonderful colleagues overseas. My longest standing relationships are with my trusted factories in Portugal and agent in Japan, but I also have colleagues in Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands and many other European countries.

I truly love to travel, I have done since I was a young child and this was cemented in my late teens with a gap year in Fiji and the Pacific. Exploring different cultures and countries is so exciting and it has certainly enriched me as a person. I was fortunate to be able to visit Fiji again a few years ago on an expedition with Loloma foundation, which we are now supporting through the Beaumont Organic foundation. The trip was to help with medical supplies to the island and to rebuild the Taveuni hospital. Going back out to the island and spending time there with the locals was so beautiful, these people need our support. They are so happy with life but when illness comes – they just don’t have the recourses. We are planning a huge fund raiser this year to raise money for Loloma so watch this space…

What is your biggest achievement to date - are there any things you're looking forward to in the future? Securing world class agents and distributors for Beaumont Organic in countries such as Japan, The Netherlands and Switzerland. This is key for international success and is a credit to the company that these recognised agents have chosen us.  I am excited to grow with them and other similar companies in other territories whilst continuing to grow our online store.

Find the original post and Beaumont Organic's ladieswear on www.vegan-a-porter.com/blog among other vegan and eco-friendly products.

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