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You may be familiar with the concept from golf: the professional, or PRO, is both trainer and coach. The PRO’s job is to help golfers improve the weak spots in their game, giving tips, demonstrating tricks, and providing students with the tools to continue learning on their own. The PRO is proud of the students’ progress and sooner or later, they only need his help once in a while or not at all. This illustration from the world of golf beautifully demonstrates how I approach and fulfil my responsibilities in the field of personnel management.

MOSBACHER GmbH- ACTIVE HR actively, competently, and comprehensively supports companies in recognizing the leadership responsibilities of HR management. My mission as an external HR professional is to refine your approach to personnel management by working with you as intensely and for as long as necessary and by being there for you whenever you need or want my help.

Curious, to find out more about how I can help you to achieve your goals? Visit my website and reach out:

Mosbacher GmbH- Active HR- Enabling HR within you!

P.S.: Joining the team in 2019, my husband Matt brings strong background in financial and digital ecosystems and is thoughtfully offering a combination of strategic acumen, an eye for detail, financial wizardry, and good humor to our client engagements, Matt primarily focuses his time helping clients formulate and refine their business and financial models.

Susanne Mosbacher
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